INSERT query using PDO

  1. INSERT query with positional placeholders
  2. INSERT query with named placeholders
  3. INSERTing multiple rows
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First of all make sure you've got a properly configured PDO connection variable that needs in order to run SQL queries with PDO and to inform you of the possible errors.

In order to run an INSERT query with PDO just follow the steps below:

INSERT query with positional placeholders

As usual, positional placeholders are more concise and easier to use

$sql "INSERT INTO users (name, surname, sex) VALUES (?,?,?)";

or you can chain execute() to prepare():

$sql "INSERT INTO users (name, surname, sex) VALUES (?,?,?)";

Important! You don't have to check the result of execute() (as it is often shown in low-quality tutorials). Such a condition will make no sense, as in case of error, a PDOException will be thrown and the script execution will be terminated, which means such a condition will never reach the else part.
Neither a try ... catch operator should be used, unless you have a specific scenario to handle the error, such as a transaction rollback shown below. Please see the article about error reporting for the details.

INSERT query with named placeholders

In case you have a predefined array with values, or prefer named placeholders in general, the code would be

$data = [
'name' => $name,
'surname' => $surname,
'sex' => $sex,
$sql "INSERT INTO users (name, surname, sex) VALUES (:name, :surname, :sex)";

or you can chain execute() to prepare():

$sql "INSERT INTO users (name, surname, sex) VALUES (:name, :surname, :sex)";

Important! The only characters allowed in the placeholder names are Latin letters, numbers and underscores. No umlauts or dashes ar any other characters are allowed. It's also a good idea to keep all the letters lowercase.

INSERTing multiple rows

As it's explained in the main article, a once prepared statement could be executed multiple times, slightly reducing the overhead on the query parsing. So it makes sense to use this feature when we need to insert multiple rows into the same table. Just a couple notes before we begin:

So in the end our code would be like

$data = [
$stmt $pdo->prepare("INSERT INTO users (name, surname, age) VALUES (?,?,?)");
try {
    foreach (
$data as $row)
}catch (
Exception $e){

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